Change default user folder location in Windows 7


How to change the default user folder location in Windows 7?

Just quick post to change the default user folder location in Windows 7. This might be a good idea if you want to reinstall Windows, you can have your user data available after install. It would also be a good practice to have it on a different partition or a different drive altogether.

This requires some changes in the Windows registry, so if you don’t know what you are doing then please don’t move ahead with the following instructions. Always good to have a back of the registry as well.

The registry key that you want to play around with is as follows

For existing user you can look for another all the folders under the above key starting with ‘S-1-5-21’ followed by array of long numbers separated by a ‘hyphen’. Select the folder and in the right pane change the 'ProfileImagePath' to whichever path you want to point the User data to.

For changing the path for any new users that are to be created, you need to change the [viminline=”true”]’ProfilesDirectory'[/vim] from [viminline=”true”]’%SystemDrive%\Users'[/vim] to something of your liking.

Reboot and you are done. Only make the above changes at your own risk.