Hiberfil.sys on Windows


Hibernation on windows 7

So there was a really big fat hiberfil.sys file on one of my Windows 7 Virtual machines taking up a lot of space (approximately 20GB). This file is used by Windows to manage the hibernation mode as one of it’s power management modes. Windows uses this file to store the current memory state of your computer. Since it’s used by Windows you can’t just delete it. All that space when I don’t even use the ‘Hibernation’ mode.

So if you are not going to use the Hibernation mode like me you can disable it by opening the command prompt in the Administrator mode running the following command

This will disable the ‘hibernation’ mode and you will see the ‘hiberfil.sys’ file disappear freeing up a LOT OF SPACE. Awesome. More space but no more hibernation. Who needs hibernation anyway? Get to work!