Installing Apache Kafka on Centos 6.5

kafka freedom

How to install Apache Kafka locally or VMWare or Amazon EC2

This is a guide to installing Apache Kafka locally or VMWare or Amazon EC2 instance. Apache Kafka installation is very straight forward. This installation is based on building kafka from source (there might be a better way of installing kafka, through an existing rpm maybe)


  • java 1.7 (assumed installed)
  • centos 6.5 (assumed installed)
  • zookeeper-3.4.5 (assumed installed)
  • supervisord (assumed installed)
  • kafka (
  • sbt

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To the world I say, Hello – Hello world!

hello world

Hello World

June has started and hence has this blog! Have been thinking about it for a while, so here’s an introductory blog post using different languages, that I love and find interesting. This blog will be about technology, life, thoughts and anything fun.

In Rust I would say

In Scala I would say

In Erlang I would say

In Java I would say

In Go I would say