Multiple Skype accounts on Linux Windows and Mac

multiple skype accounts on windows linux and mac osx

How to run multiple Skype accounts on Linux, Windows and Mac

Here I describe how to run have multiple instances of skype running on a single computer for your multiple skype accounts. Wooho why have one when you can have many? Everyone usually has more than one emails same goes for skype. Maybe one for work and another personal. Who knows? Whatever you need be, here’s how you can do it on your OS of choice.


  • Latest version of skype
  • your OS of choice (Linux, Windows or Mac OSX)

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Changing MAC address and HOSTNAME on VMWare

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How to change MAC address and HOSTNAME on Centos 6.5 VMWare virtual machine

I use VMWare quite a lot and every now and then have to clone from a clean virtual machine image. When doing so you could end up with a mac address conflict especially if you have some firewall rules and policies attached to the mac address. The simplest way to change this is via the virtual machine settings in VMWare workstation. This is being done using VMWare Workstation and CentOS server 6.5.

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