Installing Apache Tomcat on Amazon EC2 without using RPM

bug tomcat java

How to install Apache Tomcat on Amazon EC2 instance without using a RPM.

Some readers have sent questions asking how to install Apache Tomcat without using a RPM. In this post, we go through quick steps to install Apache Tomcat on Amazon EC2 Instance. You should be done with the installation within 60 seconds of starting. Refer to the original post of Installing Java and Apache Tomcat on CentOS 6.5 on Amazon EC2 with RPM.


  • Amazon EC2 instance (assumed available)
  • Java (assumed installed)

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Multiple Skype accounts on Linux Windows and Mac

multiple skype accounts on windows linux and mac osx

How to run multiple Skype accounts on Linux, Windows and Mac

Here I describe how to run have multiple instances of skype running on a single computer for your multiple skype accounts. Wooho why have one when you can have many? Everyone usually has more than one emails same goes for skype. Maybe one for work and another personal. Who knows? Whatever you need be, here’s how you can do it on your OS of choice.


  • Latest version of skype
  • your OS of choice (Linux, Windows or Mac OSX)

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Multiple user access on a running Amazon EC2 instance

share access amazon ec2

How to provide multiple user access to a running Amazon EC2 instance?

I was required to provide quick access to a running production Amazon EC2 instance. Now you could always share your passwords / keys around, but I couldn’t do that as they were used in multiple places for various reasons. On top of that this was just temporary access for about 15 minutes. For all of you who use Amazon EC2 regularly, would know that there is no way to create a new key pair in the console and just add it to the instance and reboot (if anyone knows of any way, please do let me know). But sometimes you are required to share or provide access to other people on a temporary basis (as in my case).

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different drives for development


There can be many drivers for the code you write. The best I have found so far

embarrassment driven development – code you won’t be embarrassed to open source

Was going through hoards of tweet and came across this little gem of a twitter conversation.


BDDBehaviour driven development
LCDDD – Lowest Common Denominator driven development
DDDDomain driven development
DDDDesign driven development
ATDDAcceptance Test driven development
TDDTest driven development
CTDDContinuous Test driven development
CDD – Conference driven development

Know of any other types?

Google Tips a new service from Google

google tips new service

What is this Google Tips?

Google has a plethora of services and products to it’s users and also offers an excellent detailed help and faq section to help out it’s users.

Now they have gone even further to streamline how you go about using Google and their products by launching an official tips service called Google Tips

How does it work?

Find a card you like and “flip” it over to learn more. You can share your favorites with friends and even suggest tips for us to add. We’ll keep adding new cards, so come back often to check out what’s new.Since you’re already signed in, you’re all set. Have fun poking around.

Google Tips is currently being offered for Google’s most widely used products namely Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Android OS, Drive, Docs, Keep, YouTube, Google+, Search, News, Play Store and Calendar. Hop over to Google Tips and see what you think.

Google usually has a long-term plan for it’s products and services, I wonder what it might be in this case?